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lillysghost ([personal profile] lillysghost) wrote2011-04-11 06:47 am

This Time Im Doing It...

this time im gonna use this journal. im gonna try to write every day, god knows my brain needs some kind of kick start. im not what you'd call well educated, more often than not this journal will be ranting about stuff that's not really crucial in the grand scheme of things. but im going to do it this time. I don't understand why television has such a bad name.....i love tv. why is a great tv show less worthy than a great movie or book? if it affects you deeply enough to stay with you, and perhaps make some impression on you - well to me that means that something is very special. why does australia have to wait so long for the release of Sweet valley confidential when america got it weeks ago.....were not that far down under that a planeload of books would take weeks to get here.